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Press Release by UK Sool Society.
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Press Release by UK Sool Society.
By Jama Hersi
Members Co-ordinator

TO: United Nations
C. C African Union
   The Arab League
   IGAD members

Members of UK Sool Society held an extra ordinary meeting in London on 29/11/02..

The meeting was discussed unfolding situation in Sool , Sanag and Hawd Regions of Northern Somalia. The attending members have outrightly condemned the current violence of killing innocent people in Sool region by so-called Somali Land soldiers and agreed the following points. .

  • Over the last three months so- called Somali Land representatives have been meddling and stirring up violence in above said regions, The last incident was on 22 Nov 02 when two members of civilian were killed in Adiadeye village just outside Lasanod city.
  • Such provocation could cause instability in the whole region of northern Somalia and may result the resumption of the civil war in those regions.
  • Sool, Sanag and Hawd regions have worked hard to secure peace and tranquility over the last fifteen years and would not allow to be disturbed by a terrorizing forces from Hargaysa .
  • We therefore call upon the United Nations and other regional organizations to condemn this vicious attack on civilians.
We also urge non-governmental organization to come and set up offices in these regions in order to enhance UN works.

Jama Hersi
Members Co-ordinator

Updated: Dec,04, 2002



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